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Software Packages

R Package ‘gWQS’

Description: Fits Weighted Quantile Sum (WQS) regressions for continuous or binomial outcomes.
Usage: gwqs(formula, mix_name, data, q = 4, validation = 0.6, valid_var = NULL, b = 100, b1_pos = TRUE, family = "gaussian", seed = NULL, wqs2 = FALSE, plots = FALSE, tables = FALSE)


HHEAR SID-PID Mapping Tutorial

This tutorial provides instructions for a HHEAR approved investigator on how to map the HHEAR participants’ IDs (PIDs) to the sample specimen IDs (SIDs) in order to create a file that links the participant to their corresponding samples. This list will be used to create a manifest for shipping the samples to the HHEAR lab(s).

A workshop on the HHEAR ontology and harmonized dataset

Maximizing reuse of existing environmental health data: Introducing the HHEAR Data Repository. A workshop to present the updated HHEAR ontology and harmonized dataset to the wider research community. Jeanette Stingone. ISEE Webinar Series. Dec. 1, 2020

Metabolomics Tutorial

Metabolomics involves the identification and measurement of small-molecule metabolites of endogenous and exogenous origin in a biospecimen. These metabolites represent a diverse group of low-molecular-weight structures, such as lipids, amino acids, peptides, nucleic acids, organic acids, vitamins, thiols, carbohydrates, environmental chemicals, and dietary compounds. Different approaches and analytical platforms are used to detect, characterize, and quantify metabolites and related metabolic pathways, including untargeted and targeted liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), gas chromatography-MS (GC-MS), and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). In CHEAR, most metabolomics studies use a LC-MS platform to perform untargeted metabolomics. Therefore, the purpose of the tutorial is to provide a basic overview for non-experts of how LC-MS-based untargeted metabolomics datasets are generated, which should aid in data analysis and interpretation.

HHEAR Data Submission and Review Portal - User Manual for HHEAR PI

This User Manual outlines the Major Functions and Processes supported by the HHEAR Data Submission and Review Portal, and how to use them. This manual is intended for use by Primary Investigators (i.e., “PIs”) and their Co-Investigators. These users will be accessing the portal to upload their study results data, generate HHEAR Participant IDs (PIDs) and Specimen IDs (SIDs), map HHEAR SIDs to PIDs, retrieving lab result data, and other related activities.

HHEAR Data Submission and Review Portal - User Manual for HHEAR LH

This User Manual outlines the Laboratory Data Upload Processes supported by the HHEAR Data Submission and Review Portal. This manual is solely intended for use by HHEAR Lab Hub members.

HHEAR Targeted Data Template for LHs

File Hash Checker

If you are not sure how to verify the SHA-512 hash of the file that you downloaded or uploaded, you can use this in-browser file hasher. This will calculate the hash without uploading.


The Data Center is responsible for creating and maintaining the HHEAR Ontology—a common vocabulary for use in the HHEAR program. The Ontology is evolving with the program and will connect to best-in-class existing vocabularies, thus facilitating the integration of data from multiple studies.

Services include:

  • Facilitating the mapping of variables from data dictionaries into terms consistent with the HHEAR Ontology

  • Incorporating the study's data into the HHEAR Ontology to support collaborative research across the HHEAR consortium, including pooled analyses from health research studies participating in CHEAR and HHEAR

  • Developing methods and services for comparing similar variables from different data dictionaries, starting with very basic mappings of equivalent terms and moving into more sophisticated analyses of relationships among variables

  • Providing tools and services to manage the HHEAR Ontology evolution


QC Pool Authorization

As a supplement to the rigorous Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) program within HHEAR, which ensures the integrity of the individual analyte assessments and equivalence/combinability across Lab Hubs [Kannan et al., 2021], the HHEAR Data Center provides direct access to the QC pool data from program-related lab assessments. This data can be used to help determine combinability across studies and Lab Hubs using multivariate control charts [Mazzella et al., 2021] or by assessing across-study distributions and RSD. These data can be linked to the lab result data from the HHEAR project using unique Batch IDs.

In order to access the study level search:

For those with existing accounts, log in to HHEAR Data Center, then select Study level Search.

If you do not have an account, please click on this link to register .